Guitar flash

Guitar Flash is an interesting and interesting music game, the gameplay is similar to Guitar Hero, the player's task is to try to play the songs perfectly by pressing the correct notes when they appear on Before you start playing a song, you can choose between three different levels of play. If you choose easy, you will have three notes to play; if you choose normal then there are four; And if you choose difficulty, there are five. Of course, the harder it is to choose a mode, the more points you can earn. Some songs are extremely hard to play exactly when hard, so make sure you are really ready.When you start, you can only choose from four songs.

However, when you play, improve your score and get money, you can unlock new songs. You can unlock a total of more than a dozen different songs.Guitar Flash is a great music game that will probably remind you a lot about Guitar Hero, this is the perfect version for the touch screen. . The game also does not occupy too much space, with a capacity of less than 40 MB. Join the Guitar Flash game today and become the best player. Wish you happy gaming