Growtopia belongs to the sandbox game series with high creativity and equally attractive Minecraft. Growtopia allows players to freely create everything, from the environment, to trade and to exchange items.

Developer Ubisoft describes Growtopia as a multiplayer open world role-playing game with a build and development theme. It requires players to maximize their imagination and unlimited creativity. Although designed with 2D pixel graphics with ancient parts, Growtopia still won the hearts of sandbox game fans.

Remember that Growtopia is a game about collecting and protecting items while building and chatting with friends across the four directions. If you don't know how to protect your items safely, they can or will be stolen by other players and are completely unrecoverable. This is part of the unique gameplay of Growtopia. However, do not worry because all the necessary anti-theft equipment are available in the game. You just need to use them wisely.

This gameplay makes us think of the game Garden on the cloud or Happy Farm. However, the open playing environment is true or in other words the world in the game is beautiful, how bad it all depends on the player's choice. This is the biggest attraction of Growtopia.

In addition, the system of equipment and items to develop the world is rich, diverse and colorful, bringing almost limitless creativity and background music to inspire players to experience for hours.

Note, in the Options menu, players will see the Personal Control option. It allows you to disable IAP packages. Besides, Growtopia for iOS also offers the option of Tapjoy Offer Wall and blocks chatting with other players.


- Build everything possible, such as houses, caves, compose music, draw pictures, puzzles, even secret bases on Mars

- Cooperate with old and new friends from around the world (more than 20 million accounts are waiting for players to exchange and make friends)

- Participate in many mini games: parkour, surgery, puzzle, fishing, fire fighting, crime tracking, PVP, racing, CTF, live music concert, ghost capture, steam engine assembly

- Protect possessions by using the advanced locking system, allowing players to create connections with friends

- Sow seeds to plant trees

- Breed to discover thousands of awesome items, new items being added continuously

- Exchange, buy and sell goods in a safe trading system

Explore a universe filled with more than 500 million worlds created by global gamers, all connected and updated regularly

- Communicate via friendly messaging and chat system integrating the existing friends list in the game

- Make money in the game through the game screen

Game Growtopia uses vivid colors, good looking graphics, wide connectivity, good image quality. Growtopia is considered an in-game game because players can easily create smaller games (mini-games) for friends to join such as parkour, surgery, quizzes, PVP battles, CTF, races ... With compelling innovative gameplay, Growtopia is undoubtedly the perfect entertainment option after hours of intense competition. Download Growtopia free so don't be afraid to experience it yourself.