Grow Castle

Grow Castle is a defensive strategy game. Here, players will have to build a tower to defend and defend the territory. On the tower will arrange the type of ranged soldiers. Below the tower is a team of archers keeping the castle to increase strength.

At the levels, the tower and the player's army will hold and defend on the right of the screen. The enemy entered from the right. Your goal is to destroy all invaders. Each character, including our army and the enemy, has a health bar that represents the ability to live. When the bar of blood runs out, it will be killed. Based on this, the player can grasp the positions and at the same time know the situation between our troops and the enemy.

The levels in Grow Castle last forever and have an increasing difficulty level that will be increased due to the addition of a variety of monsters, weapons, and powerful bosses. To win, players need to upgrade soldiers, change soldiers and upgrade towers to bring more soldiers to the higher floor.

Grow Castle has over 120 heroes for players to use. Each person possesses his own unique skills. Some heroes make archers stronger, others weaken the power of the enemy. The strategy is an important factor in this game because it will determine whether you win or not. Try to clear all enemies to climb to the next level, create waves of attacks and watch your rank rise.

Features OF Grow Castle

As a game that attracts a lot of different players, Grow Castle brings a number of special features that bring more appeal and attract players such as:

- Online guild system: If you do not want to play alone, create or join an online guild. You can chat and play with people around the world.

- Real-time rankings: Be the winner and get yourself the highest ranking.

- There is a hero booster system.

- It is a very addictive game and gives you comfortable moments to forget the fatigue.

- Build yourself a castle of your own will

How to play Grow Castle GAME

The game is easy to control when you just click and control. Grow Castle will use the soldiers provided to protect your stronghold, after winning you will receive loot of gold coins, gold coins can be used to upgrade the castle or buy Adding new soldiers.

Grow Castle is an Offline game you do not need to use the Internet to be able to play this game, but in the game, there is a feature to view ads in exchange for items, so every time you use this feature, users Internet connection required.