GroupMe is an application used to connect people. Through this application, you will text, call, video call for all friends, relatives, colleagues or friends that you have never met ... This application has many different languages, easy Easy to use and completely free so it is used by a lot of people.

Features of GroupMe

Provides an extensive data warehouse including profiles of many users. You can send text messages, audio, images and lots of vivid icons; make phone calls or video calls to friends and relatives ... Images and links sent in chats are easily reviewed at that time or later.

In addition to acquaintances, you can also meet and make new friends from around the world. You can read the public information of people who live near you or further away, search and make friends with those you want. Meeting and chatting directly with strangers can be difficult for you, but through this application, people can connect closer.

You can control the people near you and make a quick connection. Meet a friend, a date, or even someone who lives with you later.

This app is completely free and how to use GroupMe to stay connected with the people who matter most. You can chat privately or in groups, each group includes many members and you can add anyone to the group via their phone number or email address or get them out of the group, you can also could leave the group. Creating this group will help you connect more closely with family and relatives; or free private chat rooms for small meetings to collaborate directly with your colleagues.

Not only get in touch with people who have the app, you can also get in touch with your groups directly in SMS mode.

You can easily convert a call to a video call without pasting the conversation.

You can make some settings in this app, for example, choose when and what kind of notifications you receive, mute specific chats, or the entire app.

The application integrates many different languages, and all friends from all over the world can easily communicate via this application with very simple operation.

The app is compatible with most iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices, so you can chat with friends anytime on your phone, computer or tablet.

You can contact with friends from different countries, frequently text, video chat without paying any fee. Being free to this application will save you a lot of money compared to regular contacts. However, it will receive advertising support that makes you a little uncomfortable to use.

This application is very safe and confidential your privacy, all personal information is under your control and it is not published without your permission.

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