Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival

Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival is a game that gives players a great sense of survival with free play. You will be taken to a scary land, full of corpses and monsters. Here you find a way to fight hunger, cold and danger. Your goal in Grim Soul Survival is to survive in this dangerous area for as long as possible. Collect resources, build fortresses, protect you from enemies and fight to survive with the zombie knights and other monsters in the game.

Features of Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival

- Discover new lands: Try infiltrating the ancient dungeons and castles of other survivors to get the most valuable resources.

- Learn how to build: Build a desk and create new resources. Discover new designs and create medieval weapons and armor to fight the most dangerous inhabitants of Plaguelands.

Improve your castle: Build a solid base to defend and fight off undead and other survivors. Protect the ramparts, build and set traps for uninvited guests.

- Defeat the enemy: Choose for yourself the most effective weapons from deadly arsenal to perform important attacks and avoid enemy attacks.

- Choose your own horse: Build yourself a stable base and take part in the fight against the undead horde on your war horse or ride it to explore medieval scenes.

- Overcoming difficulties: Hunger will kill you faster than swords from enemies in this sinister medieval MMO RPG. Conquer nature, hunt rare animals, take their meat, cook it through fire or kill other survivors to replenish and source your food.

- Make friends with crows: Build a cage for crows and smart birds that will be your messenger. And what the crows of interest also attract your attention.

- Join a clan: A clan will increase your chances of survival for many more days in this cruel and bitter medieval world. Call upon your brothers to reduce the damage from the bloodthirsty knights and witches.

- Prepare for the night: When night comes, darkness will be covered. You will need light to escape those uninvited scary night guests.

- Receive rewards: Complete missions to receive crows and many other rewards. Take every opportunity. That is the best strategy for you to survive.

- Solve mysteries: Search for letters and unfold to learn about the ancient history of the Empire. Find the keys to solving the mystery behind today's disaster.

How to play Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival game

In the game, you have to transform into a most powerful hero, destroy all enemies, collect loot and compete for the throne to rule the vast Plaguelands. From here, players need to search for essential items such as clothes, water, food, weapons, building houses to try to survive as long as possible. What you should do is to ally with other players to increase strength and to survive in those harsh conditions.