Grass Cut is a game of cutting grass - a regular job of the gardener, with the task of clearing the grass in the field with simple steps. Play game Grass Cut to have fun experiences. Mow the lawn to create a new landscape for your garden. In addition to tidying your neck, you can mow the lawn and create interesting shapes, earn points through each level, and enjoy the fun of this job.

Grass Cut is an arcade game developed by the VOODOO games. The goal of the game is quite clear from its title. Your mission in Grass Cut is simple: use a simple one-touch gameplay to cut the grass, navigate through the bridges and explore the wild world. A simple lawn mower will appear on the screen and you must control it to weed the fastest. The game offers many different levels of play, each level is a new difficult challenge.

To win this game, you must clear the level by clearing the overgrown lawns on it. Despite the simple premise, the game actually requires a lot of strategy and skills to complete.

As mentioned above, your goal in the game is to cut all the grass in the lawn to advance to the next level. You control two connected spinning blades and you make them move by touching them. Each hose will change their direction and you must direct them properly to cut all the grass in the lawn. Each level is shaped differently, and they all differ in size and color. The game may not seem complicated, but it takes a bit of strategy and control to win.

In each level of Grass Cut game, the flowers will pop up which will increase your total as you cut them. They also provide strength like lawn mowers faster or longer.

Obviously, the first thing users will see and evaluate in any game is its graphics and aesthetics. Aesthetically, the game is animated in design. I'm not too animated to look childish and childish, but it's animated enough to look fun and interesting. The developers certainly do not go in the direction of realistic aesthetics and it seems understandable to treat this game more like a conventional arcade game than an honest description of mowing the lawn.

Illustrations and animations are entirely possible for an arcade game. The motion is fluid that helps to speed up the pace of fast-paced games. Simple interface and menu to not confuse the player with unnecessary buttons and commands. This works perfectly well considering the actual mechanics of the game are fairly simple and straightforward.

Playing Grass Cut game, you will find that cutting grass has never been satisfied, and you will also find that cutting grass is not as simple as you think, the later, the harder and harder the job will be to achieve. The highest level requires you to be very focused while playing.

Features of Grass Cut:

- Funny grass cutting game

- Touch to cut the grass

- Discover new landscapes

- Many levels to play