Granny is considered to be one of the scariest horror puzzle games on mobile. You are locked in a scary dark house where the ghostly Granny is. Now, you have to find a way to escape from the house. But be very careful and do all actions very gently, do not make a sound. She could hear all the slightest noise. If you drop something on the floor, the old lady will immediately hear and run after you. You have 5 days to escape the haunted house if you do not want to get terrible results.

You wake up and find yourself in a dark room. You feel terrible headaches and the feeling that someone has dealt a blow to your head. The only light in the room came from the flashlight on the table.

The main door is reinforced with many layers of locks and you will have to explore the entire house, looking for keys and other tools to escape. But be very careful because Granny hears everything. If you drop things on the floor or step too hard, the grandmother will immediately appear and hit you.

In the basement is the old garage. There is a car available for you to escape if you have the opportunity. Protect yourself with some weapons picked up in the house. But they only help you stop Ganny in a few short minutes.

To escape from the dark house of the grandmother, you need to find the key or take advantage of tools such as pliers, hammers, code cards ... The only door to help you escape from this haunted house has been old lady Ghosts locked carefully with multiple layers of protection. This is really a dramatic and stressful adventure, requiring players to be calm, lucid and quick to escape the house before time runs out!

Darkness and creepy gloom filled the house of the ghost grandmother. You will have to rummage through every corner of the house to find help items. Act quickly and gently to avoid being detected by the old lady. The harder you go in search of items, the greater the chance you will find useful items, such as hammers, cards, house maps. Game Granny owns a pretty rich item system, besides useless items like watermelon, apple, scrap paper, then you also have the opportunity to own great auxiliary such as door keys or bow to anesthetize Granny to faint in a few minutes.

Depending on the role of the item, you will quickly find them or take a bit of time. But no matter what, you should not give up. You have up to 5 days to escape this house, corresponding to 5 journeys full of luck. Coordinate the use of items in each situation to continue this adventurous escape!
However, sometimes you can also take advantage of the noise to trap the old lady, escape the danger area. You can hide in the closet or under the bed to avoid being discovered by her. Hurry up because you only have 5 days to escape from the house.

If you accidentally make a noise or spill things that will make your grandmother discover, find cover under a bed or closet and wait for the opportunity to continue your goal. If discovered, the maternal grandmother will appear suddenly and beat you with a stick. Meanwhile, a bear trap will be dropped at the place where you were knocked out to hinder movement in the next game screen.

Granny Game focuses mainly on gameplay so the graphics are quite simple to design. The house is interwoven between 2 areas of light and shadow and it is a mysterious black color, making the chase between the grandmother and the player even more intense. The music section using piano sounds creates extremely haunting effects for the player.

Game Granny has 5 different difficulty levels, that is Extreme, Hard, Normal, Easy and Practice. Gamers should start with Practice mode, you will stay in a house without Granny, comfortably find items to escape without anyone chasing. Once you get used to the game and accumulate enough experience, challenge yourself at harder levels.