Grab (formerly known as GrabTaxi) is a technology company providing transportation and transportation services in Malaysia, Singapore and Southeast Asian countries, including Vietnam. Grab operates in a similar sharing economy model to Uber. Although Grab initially operated with cars similar to Uber in Malaysia and Singapore, to accommodate traffic congestion in many cities, Grab has launched GrabBike service with motorbike-based vehicles in Vietnam and Thailand. and Indonesia.

Grab currently offers services in eight countries and 195 cities in Southeast Asia. According to Grab's announcement, the company's mobile application has been downloaded to over 90 million mobile devices. Grab's platform currently has more than five million daily users and also has more than five million partners who are drivers and dealers.
By the end of 2017, Grab announced that there were more than 1.1 million drivers and that they accounted for 95% of the motorcycle technology market worldwide.
Grab transportation app located on mobile phones, callers can use this application to book a car (motorbike, car, taxi, delivery, food). Users enter the pick up and destination, the app will show the rates. Next is to book a car and wait for the driver to pick up.
Grab is widely used by people for its great benefits. Some of the benefits of the Grab service can be listed:
Low cost: With the convenience of technology, Grab is currently being evaluated as the cheapest calling method and anyone can grab it.

Convenient means: With the current traffic situation in the inner city, motorbikes are the smartest and faster way to move.
No fear of slashing: the Grab app calculates the fare after you choose a destination, customers only pay the same amount to the driver after completing the trip.
Proactively capture the route: Grab shows directions during the trip, from the driver's position to picking you up until the end of the trip.
Display driver information: Knowing the driver information will help you feel more secure when handing yourself over to a driver.