GPS Route Finder

GPS Route Finder is a useful mapping application for mobile users, with GPS Route Finder, you can easily search and track any location in the world, and give you many results. including the shortest routes to any location you want.

GPS Route Finder uses global positioning system to search, and integrates the best features on Google Maps to give you the most accurate results possible. Besides, this route finder also provides the distance and time required to move to the required location, helping you estimate and better manage your time.

In addition, GPS Route Finder also features highlighting of high-traffic areas on the map, helping users know which routes are congested, thereby saving a lot of travel time compared to other Other current applications.

Features of GPS Route Finder

- Provide the best route

- Using global positioning system

- Give the most accurate results

- Support different types of maps.

The new feature of GPS Route Finder

- Fixed unexpected bugs in previous versions.

- Upgraded the graphical user interface

How to use GPS Route Finder

- Touch Start to access 3 features of the application: Route Finder (Search for route), Near By (Nearby), and Current Location (current location).

- When you touch Route Finder, the Location feature on your phone will automatically be turned on and the application will lead you to Google Maps (see image above).

- Tap Near By to view the locations and when selecting any item, the map will display the corresponding nearby locations.

GPS location applications are one of the essential problems in our modern life. This aims to improve the quality of life and protect the safety of people and members of the circle. GPS Route Finder is one of the easiest and fastest route search tools. Simply enter the departure and destination, soon, the application will give you the route when walking or driving right on the tracking screen. GPS Route Finder saves you time so you don't have to fumble around, especially when you are in a strange land or are traveling long distances.

GPS Route Finder is free but also includes advertising from some third parties. Users can disable this feature in the settings of the device. Some features only work well when connected to the Internet.