GPS Navigation

GPS Navigation is a navigation application with online (or offline) maps based on the most popular GPS technology today. By installing and using GPS Navigation, we can easily find the way, the direction of travel from one place to another.

This app comes with both offline navigation and map capabilities. GPS Navigation uses high quality maps from TomTom and other providers stored on Android phones, tablets or SD cards and you can navigate without an internet connection. As a result, users can find everything they want to go, find all of their location and it is important that you do not have to worry about getting lost when you bring the device installed with this application. Because the device is always operated via GPS and does not require an Internet connection.

Features of GPS Navigation

- Voice directions with intuitive interface, support for multiple languages.

- High quality Tom Tom maps are stored on the device.

- Navigate and get directions across borders without switching between countries or going to a detailed map.

- Works with GPS, no internet connection required.

- Millions of POIs are installed for free.

- Update POI data and maps for free.

- Free update speed camera.

- HUD support (paid version).

- Easy to navigate with Landscape and 3D Cities mode.

- Navigation mode when walking and exploring.

- Instructions for moving through the visual lane.

- Junction View helps highlight freeway exits.

- Warnings when speed exceeds the limit.

- Warnings when other means appear.

- Say street names aloud to increase concentration on the go.

- 3 road modes to choose from.

- Edit the route with drag-and-drop.

- Waypoints for the places you want to go.

- Warn Toll Roads during the journey.

- Optimal graphics for devices with HD screens and tablets.

- Integrated Car Audio (via Bluetooth or cable).

- Find the park closest to your destination easily, including real-time information as well as prices provided in real time.

- Ignore the countries you do not want to go when traveling abroad.

How to download and install GPS Navigation on your phone

You access the Play Store on the device and then search for applications to Install. Once installed, click Open to start using GPS Navigation to find your way.

In the first use, the application will ask users to Download Vietnam map because Vietnam's traffic data is not available on this online map application.

In the next interface, you can provide your email address and select I agree to let the application notify you when there are changes, the latest update, or you can Ignore it.

Select Continue and I agree in the next step.