Google Voice

Google Voice creates a free phone number to help you make calls, text and compose voicemail. The Google Voice application works on smartphones and computers, synchronizing data between devices using the same account, so it is convenient to use the application at home or outside.

With Google Voice, users enjoy exploring a range of attractive features that are indispensable in everyday life such as making calls, text messages, or sending voice messages to other devices. Automatically filter junk messages or block mobile numbers if desired. One of the outstanding advantages of Google Voice that attracts the most users is the ability to make cheap domestic and international calls without using mobile data.
Calls, text messages and voicemails made through Google Voice will be stored and backed up, to help users quickly search through the application's operating history. In addition, features such as sending messages to chat groups or sharing photos quickly are also supported.

Key features of Google Voice

- Call, text and compose voicemail.
- Data synchronization between devices.
- Cheap domestic and international calls.
- Backup calls, messages, voicemail.
- Send messages to group chats, share photos fast.