Google Play Music

Google Play Music apk is a music service that not only helps users buy and enjoy their favorite and hottest music tracks on the charts but also manages an efficient music library. The only noticeable point of Google Play Music is that the "only" application allows up to 50,000 songs to be uploaded.

Google Play Music is an extremely complex application that offers many more compelling features than you might think. Google Play Music is often used to listen to music from online radio and stream channels, listen to podcasts, or download personal music collections.

And Google Play Music Desktop Player is a Windows version that gives you a rich music store with more than 50,000 songs for you to enjoy the most comfortable entertainment with your favorite songs, Google Play Music Desktop Player allows users to configure the service as they want, controlling the music player easily.

In fact, Google Play Music has many similarities with music playback applications, which support all the necessary control functions such as creating playlists or playing music in shuffle mode. In addition, you can save music to cloud services, follow your favorite podcasts, access online radio channels exclusively for professionals.

Features of Google Play Music

- Upload up to 50,000 songs.

- Listen to online radio, stream music, and podcasts.

- Save music to cloud service.

How to use Google Play Music

1. Download music to the device

Google Play Music also gives you the option to download music for offline playback so you won't miss if you lose your Internet signal. Note that this method of downloading music from Google Play Music does not allow other applications to view the song, such as Google Play Music encodes downloaded music.

- Launch Google Play Music from home page or app store

- Navigate to the playlist, podcast or album you want to download

- Touch the download icon on the right side of the screen and the selected song will be downloaded to the device

2. Subscribe to the podcast

Google Play has a lot of podcasts that you can explore and subscribe to.

- Launch Google Play Music from the main screen or app store

- Touch the overflow icon at the top left of the screen

- Touch Podcast

- Touch Your podcasts at the top of the screen

- Touch Search

- Enter the name of the podcast you are looking for

- Touch the podcast you searched for

- Click the three dots icon on the right side of the screen

- Touch the Subscribe button

- Choose what you like and press Subscribe