Google pixel launcher

Google Pixel Launcher is a powerful launcher for Android phones (formerly known as Nexus Launcher), giving your device a completely new user interface and easy access to the virtual assistant tools Google Assistant.

A new Google launcher for Android phones has just been named Google Pixel Launcher, this is the new name and the next version of Nexus Launcher. This is considered a Launcher designed for Pixel smartphones that Google has just launched.

At the hardware event, the head of the Pixel software management team, Brian Rakowski, boasted that this new launcher will help the phone have a new user interface, focusing primarily on the power of Google Assistant to solve it. answer queries, open apps, answer questions and more.

The most noticeable difference in Google Pixel Launcher is the round icons and access to applications with just one swipe. The dock is dimmed to highlight your apps.
At the dock, you can now set up to 5 application icons instead of 4 as before because the app drawer button is gone. Instead, a small arrow will appear above the dock so you can tap or swipe up to open the application. Users can also swipe down to see notifications like other launchers.

A small widget on the left of the Home screen allows users to access Google virtual assistants or you can also press and hold the Home button to launch Google Assistant. In addition, in the screen rotation feature, if you place it horizontally, the Home screen can also be rotated horizontally creating a different feeling.

According to Rakowski, Google Pixel Launcher looks brighter and more elegant with subtle interface changes. However, some sources believe that, in general, Google Pixel Launcher only has a few small changes, not much different from Nexus Launcher other than changing the name, icon and version number.

FEATURES of Google pixel launcher

- When combining 2 or more widgets into the same folder, the folder's icon will turn into a circle

- Remove the app drawer button and replace it by swiping up or tapping the small arrow on the dock to open the app

- Place up to 5 icons in the dock bar

- The dock is designed to be dimmer to highlight the application icons.

- Support Google small icon on the left corner of the screen for users to easily access Google with just one touch

- Screen rotation function supports rotating the Home screen

In addition, the Google Pixel Launcher version also provides weather forecast information that appears in the top right hand corner of the application according to the user's current location, helping users to stay updated on the situation. latest weather. Google Pixel Launcher is a Launcher for some Android operating systems and for each Android version there will be some other changes. Download Google Pixel Launcher and bring freshness to your phone.