Google Go

Google Go is an improved version of Google Search Lite, lightweight, compact and full of extremely useful features suitable for Android devices with a low-profile configuration. This is a good replacement for the Google app available on Android.

Since 2017, Google has launched a version of Google Go, but it is only released in a limited number of countries. But recently, the technology giant has officially launched Google Go globally. Right now, you can download and experience this useful application.
Google Go is integrated with many utilities that allow users to search by voice, search for images, access YouTube ...
The application also adds a new feature, Lens (Lens), that allows users to use the device's camera to read, translate and search. With this new feature, when you want to translate or read any type of text, users simply open the Lens and point the device's camera at it, the application will translate or read text for you.

Google Go is just one of many Go line applications developed specifically for emerging markets. Previously, Android users have witnessed the emergence of Gmail Go, Gallery Go and even Android Go - a shortened version of the Android operating system.
Although designed specifically for specific markets, Google's Go product line is still popular with many people because of its ability to work well on weakly configured devices.