Google Camera

Google Camera is an application that helps you save beautiful moments through photos, videos. You can edit the photos. Make it beautiful with lots of different tools.

Features of Google Camera

Google camera app helps you take lots of pictures with custom effects. You can take photos using HDR + to capture great images, especially in low light and backlit scenes.

When you take photos in the evening or at low light, you can still use night mode to bring out all the best details and colors lost in the dark, you can even take pictures of Strip. Galaxy.

You can zoom in, but the image is not blurred through the Super Resolution Zoom function.

You can use the perfect photo feature to choose a great moment, automatically suggest the best photos, where no one is blinking and everything looks perfect.

The application can make subjects in your photos stand out by letting their images be colored and changing the background to black and white, you can add beautiful background blur (bokeh) to your photos.

You can use it to point your camera at QR codes, business cards, paper documents or foreign language documents and then it will help you read, scan documents, translate.

You can add effects to images to make them more vivid.

If you want your photos or videos to include location information, you need to have location mode turned on.

Night mode helps you capture clear images when it is dark or you are in a room with little light.

The automatic shooting mode helps you to take lots of photos at once, which is great when you want to take lots of photos without wasting your time.

To install and use this application you absolutely do not need to unlock or root your device, this is really good because rooting or unlocking will change the device's operating system, causing the device to lose the warranty. of the manufacturer.

The application is suitable for Android and IOS device users. Apps that create memory space do not conflict with other services and applications when used simultaneously. This keeps your device running smoothly and you are not uncomfortable using it.

The app is completely secure, so you don't have to worry about it damaging your device or revealing personal data. Deleting the application is also easy and restores your device to a previous state.

The photos and videos you create can be shared with others via social networking sites or used directly for your own purposes.

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