Good Pizza, Great Pizza

Good Pizza, Great Pizza game will give you an overview of the management of a Pizza store. You will receive orders and do your best to fulfill those orders, earn enough money so that the store does not have to close and make upgrades to your door to compete with competitors. You need good time management to fulfill orders and quickly to keep customers, make them satisfied and the number of customers coming to your store will be more crowded.

Features of Good Pizza, Great Pizza game

With over 80 customers and unique pizza orders and the personality of Good Pizza, Great Pizza apk will bring you exciting experiences. Pizza will include a lot of ingredients such as pepperoni, sausages, onions, ..., you will make orders in accordance with customer requirements.

To become the number 1 pizza venue you will have to constantly delight the crowd and beat your nearby pizza parlor, who reigns supreme on the street. Customers will come and ask for different orders, you will make your own pizza as long as it makes sense. Customers' requirements may vary, such as those with specific requirements ranging from the absence of tomato sauce but the abundance of cheese to more complex things like half-and-half pizzas with one side having tomato sauce only. sour, pepperoni and mushrooms while the other half is filled with cheese and anchovies, and everything is divided into 16 slices. When you respond to their requests properly and quickly they will be very happy with what you do, they will definitely come back another day. There are strange orders and when you get acquainted with it you will know how to make an example for a super crispy pizza, you will let the cake go over 3 times ...

There will be customers who use slang and you can ask them again when you do not understand, and there are customers you can reject them when you run out of materials or when they cannot afford to pay you.

The amount of ingredients to make pizza in your store is limited so you need to use it properly or you will go bankrupt.

How to use Good Pizza, Great Pizza game

You will touch the ingredients on the screen to make super delicious pizza, touch the customer to see their requirements. You are going to make dough and tomato sauce from scratch. Then grilled the cheese, sprinkle it on and bake the pizza. Pay attention to the thermometer so your pizza won't burn. After you are done, you will pack for guests.