Golf Clash

Golf Clash apk is a 3D golf game that challenges you to compete in fast matches with other online players. Each game lasts less than five minutes: two or three hits and you're sure you've completed the flaw.

This is a perfect simulation for all golf enthusiasts and beginners. Golf Clash has been a part of the top-grossing sports game in the Play Store alone. Intuitive game mode, 1v1 or 2 player games are unblocked, making online games more interesting and interesting to play. You can play against random players around the world or connect your account to your Facebook or Google+ account and play with friends on your PC for free.

From the developers of Clash of Clans, Golf Clash is a fun game where you can play a round with players in real time and compete in 1v1 tournaments and games to get promoted in the weekly tournament. As you progress through advanced in-game tours, you unlock chests, earn club card rewards and upgrade your club and equipment to advanced clubs and balls.

Features of Golf Clash

- Earn promotions in weekly tournaments to win club card bonuses.

- Play fast real-time 1v1.

- Revolutionary shooting system easy to learn but hard to master.

- Annoy your opponents with chat and emoticons in the match!

- Thousands of online players are waiting to be challenged.

- Progress through more advanced tours as you raise shares.

- Compete with your friends via Facebook to earn bragging rights.

- Save and share playback of your function photos.

- Advance through challenging courses and weather conditions.

- Unlock chests as you explore and upgrade to advanced clubs and balls.

How to play Golf Clash game

How to play in Golf Clash is really simple. During your turn, you simply click on the ball and slide your finger down. Then you have to let the ball go in time to make it go in the right direction. If you let it go too early or too late, you will send it.

In every golf excursion or game level, you can explore a varied and beautiful golf course. Each course has a different topography and wind condition. The more you familiarize yourself with these obstacles, the less chance you have of the ball going out and you will make it easier to hit.

When you enter a match, you will have to pay the corresponding game coins depending on the tour. You can start with the beginner course and rank up to the professional department, the Origin link.

Every game you win in Golf Clash earns you coins that you can use to unlock new content. For example, at the beginning of the game, you only have one golf club, but there are dozens of different clubs available for purchase that you can use in your online games.

To unlock a new tour, you must receive at least a specific number of victories and no more than the amount of losses you need to level up. Unlock 12 golf tours and compete with professional players or even gods.