Gold Miner Tycoon

Perhaps the gold mining game series is quite familiar to those who regularly play Offline games, this is one of the most popular and familiar games in mini games for computers such as Pikachu, diamond or ball shooting . We will have real moments of entertainment with these mini games because of the simplicity but still bring the feeling to attract players.

Experienced many versions of gold mining game and most of each game is more or less pleasing to the player. However, for the gamers who love and want to play to the end like the classic gold mining game, it is not much. Because most of those versions are pretty stereotypes, not having the breakthrough required to refresh the game that was so classic to dig into. Will Idle Gold Miner Tycoon meet the player's expectations?

Coming to Idle Gold Miner Tycoon, you will come to a whole new space, we will come to the rich city of Las Vegas with the desire to become a giant that owns gold, silver and diamonds. The work of exploiting gold and diamonds seems simple but brings an extremely inhibiting feeling with the big gold bars being slipped out of hand when they are about to have them.

Game Idle Gold Miner Tycoon will still bring this sense of inhibition for you to get your own gold mining experience. We have additional modifiers such as speeding up the dig time, boosting power, etc. There are lucky charms to destroy unwanted things, but the source of the booter will be very rare, so you must make the most of their power during the game.

Each screen you will have new levels to conquer, the score will get higher and higher to challenge your ability. This has put a lot of pressure on the player, but once we have the money, we can use the money to buy help tools as soon as we enter the new game screen, so consider options. to get something truly useful for me.

Idle Gold Miner Tycoo game has a lot of new features compared to the classic gold mining game before but you will still feel the attraction of this classic game. Coming to the lavish city of Las Vegas to dig gold must be a very interesting feeling you have never had the opportunity before.

Features of Gold Miner Tycoon

Classic gold digging game with 1 number of improvements on the image, system items, plugins ...

How to play simple but attractive.

Nice graphics, user friendly interface.

Sounds and vibrant background music.

Completely free game for Windows 10.