The world's largest animated GIF library is now on your phone! GIPHY for Android is the fastest and easiest way to search and exchange GIFs on all your favorite social channels (iMessage, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.).

Features of GIPHY

Search for

• Find the perfect GIF from the world's largest animated GIF library! All the power of GIPHY is in your hands. What are you waiting for?!


• From "Game of Thrones" to "Game of Hunger", explore the world of popular culture from all favorites such as HBO, Drake, Rihanna, Comedy Central, and MTV-Meme, TV, movies, music and more.

• Capture all key points from your favorite sports

Text, status or development

• Send amazing GIF text messages to your friends.

• Share GIFs via Facebook, Messenger, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Pinterest, post on Twitter or post on Facebook.

• Copy the clip to the clipboard or save it to the library later!

Animal structure

• Static emojis are too old, please share animated stickers!

GIF camera

• Record GIF or upload any photo, video or GIF from the gallery

• Add stickers and fun to bring your creations to life!


• Are text emojis no longer just abbreviations? Need a better statement haha? Maybe you just want to say "Go ahead", "Yes!", "Happy Birthday" or "Trade with". We have a gif.