Genies and Gems

Genies & Gems is a match-3 style diamond puzzle game with very interesting adventure elements. Here the player must try to create a sequence of at least 3 types of Gem of the same color, the same type to make them disappear from the screen and score points. The bigger the chain, the faster you will win and the faster the chance to unlock new content. Join the game, in addition to this mission system, gamers also experience an exciting journey to the wonderland with the goddess Jenni and the lovely fox Trix to explore the mysterious treasure chests, decode many Mysterious events and idol unlocking.

There are many challenges you will encounter when playing Bubble Shooter Genies, however, there are many resources that will help you overcome the pressure and fight from bandits and magic. Make sure you collect as much gold as possible along the way - this gold will give you more power to hide the treasure you recover and also give you strength. Unravel the hidden idols, and you will gain more supernatural power.

Your way of collecting diamonds undergoes intellect challenges, diamond matrices that require extensive pairing experience and thinking. There will be many ways to connect diamonds, but choose for yourself the most beneficial direction, create many special diamonds to be able to complete the requirements with high scores and climb the rankings in the game Genies. & Gems.

Features Genies and Gems

With this game, you will create the best smart match if you want to go in the right direction while avoiding all the cursed stones next to the locked gems. You will also overcome the smart bandits on your way to the palace to keep your restored treasure safe. The game gives players a lot of interesting experiences because of the following outstanding features:

- You will have to try to collect keys to unlock challenges and new worlds.

- Use Gilded Rainbow or Gilded Butterfly to survive each challenging level and move quickly through them.

- Discover hidden idols and then search for precious gold items along the way.

- There are hundreds of levels to move through different stages so you have to always look for all the valuable items available.

How to play Genies and Gems game

In this game, you will have to calculate to help Trix can progress step by step to the treasure by matching the same diamond from 3 or more boxes and make animal footprints appear. Or the task of collecting the amount of gold trapped underground by breaking them. In addition, the game also exports a lot of missions as well as obstacles to increasing the attractiveness on the way to collect diamonds.

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