What would you do if you inherited a luxurious villa with a large garden? Surely you did not expect to have to rush to earn money to renovate the almost ruined garden. However, with the help of the lovely Austin butler, you will not be too difficult to complete your mission in the game Gardenscapes. Get ready to be a true gardener with Cloud Game on MyTV!

To get the money you need to renovate your garden, you'll have to search the 15 rooms of the villa and sell the requested items in the mess in each room. Your customers are extremely diverse and they also ask for a lot of different things, your task is to find them as quickly as possible because if they wait a long time your money will gradually disappear, which That is completely detrimental to you.

However, you will get some help to find items efficiently and quickly. Typically, thermormeter helps you freeze customers' waiting time, cameras help you detect the number of items in a flash.

With eye-catching graphics and effects, the 15 rooms are meticulously designed. Besides, the garden that you need to recover is a highlight in the game with bright colors, detailed images, the Gardencape Gardeners game brings a strange appeal, although you have to repeat the search. Search in each area above.

Features of Gardenscapes

- Unique gameplay: swap and combine pieces together, restore and redecorate the garden, enjoy a unique story wherever you are.

- Hundreds of unique match-3 levels.

- Integrate dozens of diverse characters.

- A lovely pet will always accompany you in the game.

- Use social networks in the game to update the latest versions.

- Explore different areas of the garden like broken fountains, mysterious mazes and more.

- Join the Gardenscapes community of players by connecting with your Facebook friends.

- More than 300 unique connection levels 3.

- Add new elements: colorful blocks. Eliminate blocks of color by connecting pieces of the same color adjacent to each other.

- Add new elements: fireworks. Get closer to victory by activating fireworks and destroying 3 random puzzle pieces.

- Additional new prizes: receive free gift boxes of surprise rewards every day in the game when completing missions.

- Language is no longer a barrier. Gardenscapes has now integrated 9 interface languages for players to explore freely.