Game Tuner

Game Tuner is one of the applications that helps you control the heat and battery consumption of video games. When you watch videos or play games, your device will heat up, become unstable and shorten its life, drain your battery very quickly and drain your battery. This application has the ability to configure different parameters for each video game and control the device's power consumption and heat generation.

Features of Game Tuner

The app helps you change the resolution and framing every setting in mobile games that require adjustments for different Android devices and thus controls heat generation and battery consumption.

It freely changes the game's graphics quality, resolution, and frame rates.

You can save energy by turning your phone face down to turn off the screen.

You can enjoy the features of the Service without granting any access.

You can customize the settings for each game, adjust the display screen of the video game mobile graphic settings. The set lends itself to such indicators, such as the quality of the resolution, the frame rate, and the texture quality. A quality that is only measured in percent, displayed directly during the execution of the code program of a video game tweak.

Configure metrics of the picture quality of mobile video games for each individual game. The application, there is a widget, that is displayed on the screen. The widget contains the installation folder for every video game, installed on the phone.

You need to allow the application to access the memory card, to profile, save, edit and play macros settings.

The app is completely secure so you don't have to worry about it damaging your device or revealing personal data. Downloading Game Tuner apk and erasing is also easy, just follow these simple steps to erase and restore your device to a previous state.

The application is compatible with most devices of Android and IOS operating systems.

The application consumes less memory so you can download more apps. Downloading apps is fast, you can download it at the same time, and it's easy.

The application is always supervised by the manufacturer, so if it arises, it will be repaired immediately and they check everything in the application installer to ensure safety for you to use. This application installer is updated regularly, adds new content and supports the latest versions and fixes security issues to make them work better and provide more functionality. You can use the arbitrary version, if you don't like the new version, you can also download the old version for all.