Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter is a quality space shooter on the phone. You will control the spaceship and protect the Earth from the onslaught of aliens in the game Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter.

Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter is a fantasy world about the future of the Earth. As technology becomes extremely advanced and modern, people can easily move and explore space with new spacecraft. However, this entails unpredictable threats to alien creatures with the plot to invade the Earth and enslave humanity. The last hope of this Green Planet rests on your shoulders.

Your mission in Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter is to control your spaceship and win the alien attacks and complete the campaign missions. In this space shooting game, you will face an increasing number of enemies in dangerous environments. As the game progresses, you will have the right to upgrade your space ship to unleash its full power. All you have is a heavy combat ship, used to destroy all enemies and bring peace to humanity. Only you can protect the Earth and the Milky Way from the hands of alien monsters.

Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter has a single-player main campaign, including 60 missions and some of which will be boss battles (giant spaceship equipped with many dangerous weapons).

All missions are structured in a circular fashion, each ring corresponding to an enemy and or the comet rain that you must destroy completely or dodging to avoid. Of course, if your spaceship hits an enemy, it will explode. Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter for iOS provides 5 types of weapons, in which you have 3 weapons available and the remaining 2 weapons opened with coins earned on missions (or purchased with real money). All weapons can be upgraded during gameplay to a certain level.

In this space shooting game, you will face an increasing number of enemies in extremely dangerous environments. As you progress, you'll have the right to upgrade your spaceship to unleash its destructive, destructive power.

During the battle, you can change the engine and enhance the power by eating items. Take clever and powerful control to fight against hostile forces that bring peace to the earth.


- Multiplayer mode including 1vs 1 and 1vs 3.

- Quality images optimized for tablets and large-screen devices.

- The ability to use skills effectively throughout the war in outer space.

- The game has 100 levels with many different difficulty levels from easy to extremely difficult.

- Stunning levels with a variety of missions for players to complete.

- Many epic boss battles.

- High-quality sound.

- The screen shoot aircraft and fight bosses.

- Integrated global rankings.

- Use gold to upgrade the power of the fighter.

- Upgrade guns and laser guns.

Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter has familiar gameplay similar to the famous chicken shooter Invaders with pretty graphics and effects. You just need to click the phone touch screen to move and kill all enemies. Collect items to upgrade or change your weapon. It is one of the great options for you to enjoy, kill time in your spare time.