Funimate is a social media app similar to Tik Tok or LIKE where you can create videos, edit them with effects and filters, and share them with your followers. In just a few seconds, this app can turn ordinary movies into viral videos with your smartphone camera!

You don't have to be an expert, Funimate instantly turns a daily moment into creative and fun videos. With patent-pending technology, you can create awesome music videos with unique real-time effects. Certainly, this application is useful for all those who want to form a meaningful moment in their lives. Regardless of its benefits, one thing to note is that this video editor is less powerful for advanced users.

Funimate features

- Add interesting video effects: You can try more than 100 advanced video effects on video editor and Funimate music video maker. Let your creativity unleash, have an effect on every occasion. You will be amazed at how creative and interesting music video clips you can make easily with Funimate video effects.

- Add music to the video: Add your favorite music to the video, to create short music video clips with creative effects. With Funimate video editor and music video maker, you can cut your videos and create interesting and fun short video stories with music and tell your story in a whole new way. Your TikTok followers are excited to watch your video.

- Create your own effects: It is not limited to our perfect effects when making your videos unique. You can create your own effects from the photos on your phone. So you can make yourself a fun video effect. Yes, it is. We know it's great. You can be both video stars and video effects in your video.


- Edit and trim short videos: Funimate's video effects are designed to fit perfectly to edit the short videos you've created for Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, and Musical.

- Video merger, Cut & Cut: Besides all the great features, you will also have classic video editing application features like merge, cut, trim, and edit videos. Funimate is the only video editor and music video maker you ever need.

To use Funimate, we will first need to create a user account, a quick and simple process we can complete with Facebook or Twitter. Once we have our account, we can start to see other users' creations, customize our profile and, of course, record our own videos.

Once you've created a great video, there's only one thing to do before archiving: choose hashtags! The hashtags you choose can greatly influence the number of people watching your videos, but thankfully, the app makes it a bit easier to choose hashtags by providing a list of trendy hashtags to navigate.