FREE NOW is a licensed taxi booking application for taxis in 10 European countries. This app is a taxi stop experience for customers to book, pay and ride.

The application works with yellow taxis, black taxis, and other fully licensed services as a comprehensive ride platform. FREE NOW operates across cities in nine European countries. Available applications and taxi services can be used in several cities in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Poland, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Sweden.

FREE NOW is a preferred taxi call application because of its intuition and seamlessness. Ordering a taxi is as simple as entering your destination and paying by credit card on file. Users can track incoming taxis, save home, and work addresses to easily book and share their trips with friends and family for safety. The app also allows drivers to book a taxi four days in advance of the schedule, so you never have to worry about getting there. FREE NOW is also provided for email invoices for business expense purposes; This application also provides business accounts.

Features of FREE NOW

- Ability to order a specific taxi to fit your needs. Taxi XL allows more than four people to drive in one vehicle. The match helps drivers to share taxis and costs with other passengers in selected cities. Exec is available in Cork and Dublin providing luxury vehicles for business passengers. Wheelchairs taxi helps people with access concerns. Eco Taxi is an eco-friendly option with hybrid and electric vehicle options. Europeans and tourists like it for FREE NOW because this is a user-friendly, affordable way to get around town. With increasing options and destinations, the application is expected to continue to grow successfully and popularly.


Automatically collect your receipts via email after each trip is paid via the app or skip the manual expense report after each business trip with a business account

Book a taxi at the last minute or up to 4 days before your flight. Do you need a pickup? No problem, just collect your luggage, book a taxi with our app and follow the in-app walk directions to the FREE pick up point in your station.


Taxi XL: Cab with more than 4 seats (truck)

Wheelchairs: accessible taxi

Eco Taxi: Eco-friendly taxi, electric drive, gas or hybrid

Exec: Luxury taxis for business passengers (Dublin & Cork only)

Match: Taxi sharing and travel expenses (available in Limerick, Warsaw, Hamburg, and Dublin)


Invite your friends and family to try it for FREE NOW with a personal gift code that you can find in the app and earn credit for your next taxi ride.

- Booking taxis up to 4 days in advance

- Pay in-app for free with your credit card

- Share your trip so your friends and family know where you are

- Rate your chauffeur and let others know you like it

How to use the FREE NOW:

Step 1. Enter your destination

Step 2. Book a taxi near you

Step 3. Track your taxi driver arrival

Step 4. Pay your fare easily through the app