Free Music

Free Music app is a free utility that allows users to search for their favorite songs and listen to music online or download the file to your device with just one click. With Free Music, you can explore the vast and varied world of music right on your mobile phone.

Free Music apk works like a music video stream program with good sound quality, allowing you to watch sharp HD videos and update the latest music videos in today's music market. Any music video that appears on YouTube will be found on Free Music. Users can unleash discover, find and update favorite music channels similar to YouTube Music.

Free Music possesses a modern user interface, simple but eye-catching. However, the drawback of the free version is that a banner ad appears at the bottom of the screen fixed. To remove the ads, you can purchase the IAP package for $ 1.99 right in Free Music. Currently, Free Music supports Apple Watch, allowing convenient music playback on the smartwatch screen.

Key features of the Free Music application

- Quickly update high quality music videos and of all popular music genres.

- Stream music videos seamlessly, including featured or popular videos recommended by Free Music.

- Create, customize and manage personal playlists.

- Allow playing music on the desktop, controlling the player on the Lock screen and viewing music track information.

- Search for music by playlist, song, album or performer.

- Intuitive user interface and optimized design for different screen sizes of iPhone, iPad.

- Integrate options to search and watch different quality videos.

- Search for songs by name and artist, search Playlist by name.

- Save your favorite songs.

- Support listening to music in screen off mode to save battery

How to use Free Music

This tool has a friendly and simple interface, suitable for users of all levels. You can enter keywords by name and press the Search button to search for the desired song. Soon, Free Music will return the appropriate results.

This program will search for MP3 links of tracks via search engines like Google and Bing. After displaying the results, users can press the Play button to listen to the MP3 version or click Download to download the song.