FRAG Pro Shooter

FRAG Pro Shooter apk is a very interesting shooter with beautiful interface and vivid sound. The game with many game modes and challenging terrain will help you have a profound experience. Here you can choose the character with the desired characteristics, participate in the battle and master each game. You will play as a good gunner and enter the chaotic strategy with up to 10 heroes divided equally between both teams. In this game you have the main task on the battlefield is to move smartly to reach the best enemy. In particular, along with that you must have a great reflex, accurate shooting to take down the opponent as quickly as possible.

Features of FRAG Pro Shooter

In FRAG Pro Shooter each character has its own strengths and weaknesses, you can choose the appropriate character: There are many types of characters in FRAG Pro Shooter. You can check the parameters even of the character's appearance easily. Please consider and research carefully to choose a character that suits your play.

Attack the enemy's shield to get more points, but beware of ambushes.

Start with the practice area: practice will help you improve a lot. Getting acquainted with characters, items, toys, as well as situations that can occur from hard to easy will definitely help you prepare the best.

Duplicate cards can be used for upgrades. Regularly follow the menu to find out the number of duplicate cards, thereby obtaining the appropriate use plan.

Mini-maps are always very useful for players, especially when you are looking for enemies or planning a defense. The red dots are your enemy's symbols, so you should keep an eye out for mini-maps.

Heal as soon as you can. The "healing" at the right time to give you an advantage before the opponent. Temporarily dodging a war zone and finding healing items are also a perfect way to prepare for the next attack.

Constantly moving will help you avoid stray bullets as well as massive attacks of the enemy. In addition, you will also get a better shot angle if you have open and wide moves.

Alternate use of characters depends on the battle position, the effect of using the characters will increase or decrease at different levels. Characters with high defensive stats are absolutely not usable for a total offensive match and vice versa.

You should focus on upgrading from 1-2 key characters instead of increasing evenly. A mutant factor will help you decide the match, keep this in mind.

How to play FRAG Pro Shooter

After downloading and installing it, you can play this game.

Each character has its own strengths and weaknesses, so try them all to choose the character that best suits you. Attack the enemy's shield to get lots of points, but watch out for the raids. Check out quests to win many awesome rewards.