The FordPass app may use tracking technologies like cookies and pixels that collect information identifiable to your device to let us know that you downloaded FordPass and about how you use its features. We use this information to better understand, customize, and improve your FordPass experience, determine which features you use, develop new features, and manage our advertising.

FordPass has so many ways to make your ownership experience better. With the FordPass app you can:

• Start, stop, lock, unlock, schedule starts, get vehicle health alerts and track fuel use for vehicles equipped with FordPass Connect

• Get vehicle details

• Get FordPass Rewards to earn and redeem points for many things you already do with us, including vehicle maintenance and new vehicle purchases

• Get roadside assistance

• Schedule service

• Make secure payments with Ford Credit

• Call or chat with helpful FordGuides

• View how-to videos

• Find gas stations, restaurants, parking± and more

Some tracking technologies on FordPass may allow third parties such as Facebook to collect or receive information from FordPass and other apps on your device to provide advertising services including helping us identify people like you that may be interested in our products and services and measuring the effectiveness of our ads. The technology may allow Facebook and other third parties to collect or receive this information even if you don’t have a direct relationship them (for example, Facebook may receive information about your use of FordPass even if you don’t have a Facebook account).

Features of FordPass:

- Discover new places with a convenient map;

• Search for petrol stations in your area or along the way;

• Search for parking lots, compare prices and create a fix the position of the car on to find it easily;

• Discover bars, restaurants, cinemas, and more.

- Keep your car in optimal condition

• Receive alerts on vehicle statuses such as tire pressure and fuel level on your mobile phone.

• Discover the milestones achieved and the distances traveled onboard your Ford.

• Consult the manual directly on the smartphone screen.

• Find your Ford Partner to contact him by touching the screen.

• Book assistance directly from the app.

• Find out what all the warning lights on the dashboard represent.

How to use FordPass:

Use the app to find parking lots, petrol stations, restaurants, bars, and many other points of interest. You can also send your destination directly to the onboard navigation system. And that's not all. Thanks to the vehicle status alerts, you can keep your Ford under control and always keep it in optimal condition. And for models equipped with the FordPass Connect integrated modem, you can even control the car's functions remotely. And all these thanks to FordPass.