FLV2MP3 Converter

FLV2mp3 is a versatile video converter that allows you to convert any video file (FLV, AVI, MP4 ..) to MP3. FLV2MP3 Converter is a very useful program to help you convert mp3 on mobile phones. Now you will be able to convert your favorite videos into mp3 format even when you are not at home or out of the office. This converter gives you the best conversion option for your mobile phone and once you try it out, it will definitely become your favorite service.

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Features FLV2MP3 Converter

This is a converter that is trusted by many people with its simplicity and benefits. Just a few download steps, you simply own an application with many benefits below are some of the features that FLV2MP3 Converter gives users:

- Supported audio and video formats: FLV, MP3, AVI, MP4, AAC, M4A, M4V, M4B, MOV, OGG, OGA, OGV, WMV, WMA.

- YouTube To MP3 Converter: Convert FLV to MP3 supports converting videos from YouTube to high digital to YouTube. After using the online FLV download tools, you can then use our program to convert FLV files to audio formats for your iPod and mobile device.

- Audio To MP3 Converter: FLV2MP3 Converter can convert almost all popular audio formats to standard MP3 format. You can use it as an Audio Converter to manage all your music and save them to standard MP3 audio.

- Audio Cutter: FLV2MP3 Converter has a cutting feature and it not only cuts FLV files into MP3 parts but also supports to cut an original MP3 file into pieces.

How to use FLV2MP3 Converter

FLV2MP3 Converter is a simple application that does not cause any problems during the installation process. Users can add more FLV files to the program and even complete FLV folders. After completing this step, users only need to select the desired audio format to save FLV videos and also configure quality settings. Each type of audio format has its own quality settings.

After making all these changes, users just need to click on the convert button and the FLV video will quickly be converted to the selected format, with all the resulting files created in the same directory as FLV. source. One can choose to save audio files anywhere on his hard disk.