Flow Free

Flow Free apk is a free simple game with hundreds of levels to race against the clock for iOS and Android. By pairing the same colors to form a pipe, joining all the colors and covering the entire board to solve each puzzle in Flow Free. Pipes will break if they intersect or overlap. This game has a limited time to play so you need to calculate flexibly to win.

Features of Flow Free

With hundreds of levels or racing against the clock in time test mode will bring you an exciting experience. Flow Free games range from simple and comfortable, to challenging and frantic, and everywhere in between.

Each puzzle has a grid of squares with colored dots occupying a number of squares. The goal is to connect the same color points so that no seams intersect, only two seams are allowed to cross each other by crossing a bridge in each level. Difficulty is mainly determined by the size of the grid, from 5x5 to 15x15 squares. The game also contains additional paid packages as well as a time trial mode. Whenever a level is completed, a checkmark will appear on the level selection icon to indicate that the puzzle has been solved, while a star indicates that the player has completed the puzzle with numbers. least moves times needed.

Content: More than 1,500 free levels available in Free Play mode. 10 different board sizes. Classic level packs, bonuses, bridges, Mania, extreme and Jumbo for free. Additional level packs are available for purchase.

Challenges: Track your completion in each level, each level is different challenges, the difficulty is increased gradually by levels. In addition to challenging the player's ability to solve situations, the game also counts the player's attempts to set a record. This means that when players try and make mistakes many times in the screen, the number of times will increase and the record can be easily destroyed by others.

Play for free: This game is free. Strive for accuracy in Play for free by moving the least, most effective. Strive for speed in Time Experiments to resolve the fastest and fastest. 20 variations Time trials are recorded for selection according to table size and duration.

Look and feel: Game with colorful interface, clean vector graphics and animations, funny sound effects. Labels are available to players with color impairments.

How to play Flow Free game

With the simple way of playing the lines connecting the points, this is the right product for entertainment purposes, killing time as well as ensuring the player's brain to keep the rhythm of the activity continuously and smoothly.