Flippy Knife

Flippy Knife is a unique and free dagger game. It is a challenge of special skill darting through different environments, providing an enjoyable experience for the player and making them immersed for hours without getting bored.

Become a master at the ultimate throwing hit by using the best sharp knives from around the world. Attach a knife to the tree and collect unique combos. Throw it on the shelf and collect treasure bags. Climb the tree and catch the bees. Defeat targets to open chests of gold coins and more. Flippy Knife will lead you on an exciting adventure with loads of interesting surprises.

Flippy Knife brings players a great entertainment game. The most popular attraction of this action game is the arsenal of all kinds, from ordinary axes to mythical swords. Each table offers a different challenge and of course, the difficulty will increase at a higher level. Show off your best talent and skill to become the most powerful player.

Features Flippy Knife

A game that provides absolute entertainment that doesn't let players down is what Flippy Knife is aiming for. Players will be delighted in throwing sharp knives at the target. Unleash your talents with these fascinating and salient features:

- Flippy Knife is a realistic physics-based knife simulation game that brings many surprises to the player.

- More than 120 types of world-renowned blades (scalpels, curved blades, swords, axes) for players to explore. Try to collect them all in your collection

- The game with 7 different game modes in one game allows players to freely choose the mode that suits them at the same time with excellent graphics from the experts at Beresnev.Design has created the attraction for players very much.

- Many different locations to throw knives such as in camp, forest tent, treetops, stumps on the grass ... help players choose for a scene that likes.

- Easy game in control when just one touch

- Share and compete with friends to become the best knife master.

How to play Flippy Knife

How to play Flippy Knife game is very simple. You will use any knife to hit the target like a familiar dart throwing game. The difficulty of this game is that the target will move after each knife so you have to be flexible in aiming and aligning. If you hit the target center, you will score high and vice versa. If the knife does not hit the target or cannot hit the target causing the knife to fall, you will return to the starting line with a score of zero. The Flippy Knife's gameplay is developed in the Endless Run style - meaning you will throw a knife with the number unlimited time and time until enough points reach the new level and so on, the game has no stops.