Flip Master apk

Flip Master is a sister game to the hugely popular Flip Diving! Instead of diving from cliffs into water, however, you are diving on a trampoline and trying to master a range of different flips and tricks! Whatever you do, be sure to not try these awesome stunts at home! You control your characters flipping by clicking and holding the left mouse button - the longer you click, the more flips they perform. Furthermore, if you move your mouse while flipping, your character will jump in that direction.

Flip Master game is a famous game of Miniclip that is actually a sister game of flip diving. In this game, you do flipping on a trampoline flip board instead of diving from cliffs into the water. You just need to perform some awesome flips and tricks to tell the world you are a real flip master. Control the characters with your mouse clicks and hold the left click to perform the amazing jumps and flips. The longer you click, the better flips your hero performs. The mouse arrow direction moves your character direction during jumps. You get points for each successful and complete flipping jump. If you do not move properly your turn will end. Purchase some cool character and spins with earned points.

You gain points for every successful jump you land and every flip you complete - be sure to land properly otherwise your turn will be over! With the points you collect, you can purchase new characters, and also take spins on the wheel of fortune to unlock new areas to play in such as the gym and circus. The graphics are fantastic and the combos you can create look beautiful! Can you become a trampoline expert?

How high can you go? The virtual trampoline in Flip Master lets you keep jumping towards ridiculous heights, as long as you keep showing off fancy spins, rolls, and flips. Make your character pull of double, triple or even quadruple spins as you propel him towards the stratosphere. Make sure you avoid landing on your neck or the rim because then your run will be cut short. Keep collecting coins that appear above you to improve your stats, buy new characters, unlock new locations or powerups. Explore everything Flip Master has to offer, but make sure you don't get dizzy along the way.

Features of Flip Master

- Lots of upgrade options

- Good voice actor

- Smooth gameplay

- A Tutorial that you can redo

- Pause any time

- Different characters to choose from and to customize

- Powerups to maximize your points and coins

How to play Flip Master game

While in air, press, and hold the left mouse button to speed up rotation.