Fleet by postmates

Fleet by postmates contains updates for users with delivery experiences. We build the experience with you in mind and redesign key parts of the application with an emphasis on ease of use and reliability. This is the first of many updates we will release over the next few weeks.

Feet by postmates will certainly not disappoint users by the special features that ns brings. A lot of new and interesting experiences are waiting for you. Owning this application, it seems that you are holding yourself a lot of special things. Please download it to your computer to use right away!

Features of fleet by postmates:

What's a new part

- New home screens and offers will make accepting offers on the go easier than ever.

- The redesigned cruise screen will help you predict your next move.

- New pick up and drop order form. Clear instructions and refurbished design will make picking and dropping easier and more reliable.

- Redesigned map and routing view.

- Bug fixes and performance fixes.

Turn your free time into income with the Fleet Postmate app to Deliver goods from local merchants to customers. No schedules, no offices, only you and the road is wide open. You can drive, bike, scooter or walk.
Earn on your own schedule

You can sign up for free and quickly get started. There are no fees or time commitments, so you take home 100% of the money you earn each time you complete delivery.

Clear earnings, instant deposits

Most posters earn $ 25 + / hour and earnings are deposited weekly or on-demand to your bank account. See how much you earn after each delivery and exactly how your earnings are calculated. Get free weekly deposits or instant withdrawals anytime you want.

All the tools you need

Sign up and we'll send you a free shipping bag and prepaid card so you can deliver food, drinks, retail, and more from anywhere in your city.

How to use fleet by postmates:

With an easy-to-see and beautiful interface, this application is not difficult for the user. Download the fleet by postmates right on your device so you can use it right away!