Skip the world of action games, get lost in the ocean world at the bottom of the deep sea in the best Fishdom game with all versions. Join the fish game you will have the opportunity to enjoy new unique diamonds through each game screen to earn dozens of awards and achievements. If you are a lover of funny games with many colors, along with aquatic animals, the game Fishdom is the choice for you. Immerse yourself in this game world, players not only have to find the same pair of umbrellas, also built an extremely beautiful aquarium. The implementation is quite simple, you will experience many different levels of play with completely new arrangements. The main characters in each level are sea creatures of all kinds and colors to create a colorful picture of the sea. At each level, players will have to handle a lot of tasks and must overcome many different challenges.

Each challenge has an increasing difficulty in each level so you can try your own puzzle. With the first level, the task of the player will have to solve the different colored tiles in that screen. When moving to the next level, you will have to break the rocks, or break the shackles. The faster you play, the more your reward points are and the more experience points you get. A total of 18 types of fish and most of them are locked to a certain level. There are 8 ornaments including: Japan, Antiquity, Farm, Tropical, Paradise, Space. Plants include colorful corals, duckweed ... The more gold they accumulate, the more players can buy a lot of decorations for their open world.