Firefox Focus

Firefox Focus apk is a web browser for Android users, helping you block annoying ads and protect users' privacy. The program integrates an ad tracking utility and allows erasing browsing history in case of an emergency.

Surfing the web without anyone knowing, do you believe it? That's what Firefox Focus can do. It automatically blocks a variety of online tracking tools from the moment a user opens and closes the browser. In addition, it is very easy to delete history, passwords, and cookies so that no website, annoying ads, or anything can monitor user behavior.

Most "Private browsing" functionality in most browsers is currently incomplete or easy to use. Understanding that, Firefox Focus is completely focused on security, always on the side of users and free because it is supported by Mozilla, a non-profit corporation fighting for the interests of users on the Web.

Features of Firefox Focus

- Simple design, fast and highly private

- Support to block annoying ads, protect user privacy

- Integrating an ad tracking utility

- Clear browsing history in an emergency

How Firefox Focus works

First, the application is quite simple to design, it only allows you to browse the web in a single tab. All browsing history and bookmarks will not be saved so you do not have to worry about others being able to follow or know what you see on the Internet.

Next to the address bar, Firefox Focus app has an "Erase" button to help users quickly delete everything they are viewing as needed. Even if you are in multitasking mode, the content displayed on the browser will be hidden.

In general, with Firefox Focus, no one other than you knows what you're watching or doing on the Internet. This is awesome, isn't it?

Firefox Focus is a fast, secure, and reliable mobile web browser. The way to use it is similar to other browsers, but you won't be bothered by ads or monitored by bad audiences when viewing your favorite content. With a low capacity, only 4MB, it does not consume much system resources. Moreover, downloading Firefox Focus is completely free, so if you are using a smartphone with this operating system, do not hesitate to experience it. You will certainly be satisfied with what Firefox Focus brings.