Fire Balls 3D

Fire Balls game is a game that attracts gamers on the Google Play Store system. Inspired by shooting the ball, overcoming obstacles and shooting down the tower, players of Fire Balls download will have to consider and choose the right time to shoot the ball so that it is not blocked. Many exciting and challenging levels for you as you go higher.

Fire Balls apk is basically a game about shooting balls at a tower. It's a game by tapping your device screen to shoot and release to stop, your task in this game is to shoot balls into a tower to break as many blocks of the tower as possible. well while avoiding the obstacles that rotate around it like a kind of moving obstacle. Stop when the walls rotate to approach. There are many stages to an end.

The concept is simple enough, and playing it is even easier. The only real skill you need to succeed in this game is patience, something a lot of gamers don't really have these days.

With simple gameplay, you press and hold the mouse or touch the phone screen to start dropping the ball, touch the yellow or blue, red lines ... as long as you do not touch the black lines. The challenge will be completed when you drop the 3D ball to the bottom without breaking the ball.

If you're trying to train patience, this is probably one of the best games we stumbled in 2018, but if you have anything like us, chances are you'll find it. Fire Balls 3D, more annoying than fun. Although mobile games seem to be getting simpler, I'm not sure this is what gamers really want from a simple mobile game that you can play while playing Go.

From your cell phone cannon, you will have to go along some catwalks, but to be able to advance before you have to destroy a series of towers. It will not be easy, because they are protected by rotating barriers without stopping. Shoot between them to make a goal and try not to hit the barriers or you will have to start over.
The game has unlimited levels and 20 beautiful color themes.


- Impressive gameplay extremely interesting. Fire Balls 3D game gives players a lot of interesting entertainment. You control a turret and take action to shoot the target in front of a turret that is rotating with a certain time. But the difficult thing is that you will encounter obstacles with the moving blocks around spinning in the goal post. These obstacles will prevent your bullets from firing. It is important for the player to choose the time the cube passes and leave room for bullets to pass through and fly towards the target. The gameplay of the game is quite interesting when promoting the quick and accurate response of the player.

- Simple design but diverse. Game Fire Balls 3D is designed with a lot of colorful bricks. You will feel this when observing the cylinder to shoot down. Overcoming each screen, color and cylinder design will be changed. Many attractive vivid colors are the highlight to stimulate the eyes of the player. Besides, the spatial theme also has quite a dynamic change.

- Diverse levels. Fire Balls 3D game makes players can conquer themselves through many different levels. The higher the level, the more difficult the speed through the rotation of the cube will increase. You need to look more closely if you want to shoot the other beer over. Each level conquered players will receive many attractive gifts.

How to play Fire Balls 3D

Use the mouse to play. Mouse click to launch balls.