Find The Differences APK

Find The Differences - The Detective apk is an intellectual game addictive by its fun. In this game, the player will assist the detective.

If you find out all the differences between the two pictures, at first glance, you think they are exactly the same to solve some of the deadlocked cases. Here, players will be participating in surveys, with different challenges, full of fascinating surprises.

Find The Differences - The Detective has more than 20 different cases and each case requires players to find certain clues. The game requires you to have a very sharp eye, pay attention to the small details, from the difference in color, position, to the direction of placing objects ... to be able to quickly solve the problem.

The difficulty level of the game will increase gradually through each level. The game will be easy to carry out the task in the first few chapters, but after that, the picture will have more details and they will be even more hidden in a place that very few people pay attention to. Therefore, players need to focus a lot and be very keen to observe like a real criminal investigator to detect them. Each screen has a time limit, so players need to find it fast. For every wrong touch, you will be deducted 30 seconds. So please consider carefully before touching.

It's a puzzle game but the game will not force you to work too much brain, mainly training your eye skills. Therefore, the game Find The Differences - The Detective is highly entertaining and suitable for you to relieve stress in your spare time.

FEATURED of Find The Differences APK

- Find 5 different clues between the two paintings in a time limit of 1 minute 58 seconds.

- There are 20 cases that need solving and new content will be constantly updated in the game.

- With more than 1000 puzzles and different situations for you to conquer.

- If you have difficulty finding, use the suggestion option so the game provides some clues to make it easier to find.

- This is a game with colorful and eye-catching colorful images.

- It is a game completely free for you to download and play.

HOW TO PLAY Find The Differences game

How to play the game is also extremely simple. To point out the difference, simply touch the spot with the other difference in either picture. If true, it will be circled in green, if it is incorrect, a red "X" will appear.

Some tips to play make you easier:

- Start from the top left all the time and make zigzag observations: look from left to right starting from the top and then down.

- If you do not stumble upon what you are looking for, chances are it is in tight corners.