Find My Kids

Find My Kids gives parents a safe and simple way to monitor their kids, can connect a watch GPS or install special programs on their kids' phones to keep them in your vision, so you don't have to worry when your kids are far away.

The Find My Kids phone locator application will be installed simultaneously on the tracker's phone and the person who needs to be monitored for real-time monitoring, with the GPS positioning function tracking the child's location on the map. map and their travel history. With the help of a phone locator app, parents will never worry about their kids when they're out of sight.

Find My Kids will send a signal to a child's phone if they leave the phone or leave it somewhere, you will also hear the sounds around their location to make sure they are in the environment. safe. If your child has a location watch, you can connect with them to track the location, many types of GPS watches are supported, of course, the installation and connection must be approved by the kids.

Find My Kids lets you see your child's location on the map and can even hear the words of teachers, babysitters, or friends talking to their children. If you get lost with your child but don't see a reply, you can turn on the alarm sound on their phone. This is useful in cases where the phone is in vibrate mode.

You can use the app to chat with them using the built-in messaging system to send messages and stickers. To make sure your kids don't spend a lot of time playing games, you can keep track of the apps they use for a day. Like the KidsControl app, this monitoring app for Android lets you see your phone's battery usage.

Some people may consider monitoring children as a violation of privacy, but that is really in their best interest. Audio monitoring applications and GPS trackers exist for their safety. These applications ensure your child does not go to dangerous places or is bullied.

Features of Find My Kids:


- Locating and supervising children

- Track location on the map

- Get historical movement between locations

- Send alerts to children when not holding the phone

- Can connect to a GPS watch

-Automatically receive alerts when kids return home or to school

-Easily track your family members without constantly asking where they are

- It is possible to check the phone battery level, so you know whether their phone is dead or not responding