Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter apk- a simulation game to build a secret base that stormed on iOS devices has now "docked" to the app store, offering an opportunity to experience Android users with many very attractive improvements.

Fallout Shelter was the main idea of the survival game, where the lucky people survived a nuclear disaster struggling and struggling to continue living. In order to save themselves and their fellow humans, they worked together to create an underground world, where houses and neighborhoods resemble life on the ground. And the mission of the player will be to ensure the lives of these people are safe by fortifying the fortress, acquiring more resources, recruiting new members and uniting to fight against the evil people. Other

How to play Fallout Shelter game

Players need to assign tasks to people to build houses and bases, and produce electricity, water, food ... The higher the strength (S), the stronger The working speed is faster and stronger than others.

Main Vault in the game: Elevator, Living Quarter, Power Generator, Diner, Garden, Water Treatment, Storage Room, Medbay, Science Lab, Radio Studio, Weight Room, Athletics Room, Armory, Classroom, Fitness Room, Lounge, Game Room, Nuclear Reactor, Water Purification and Nuka-Cola Bottler. However, from the Storage Room, all Vault is locked, you can only unlock it when the corresponding requirements are met.

To assign them the task, the player needs to touch and hold each person, then drag them to the room you want them to work.

Players can touch individual people to get personal information about them. At the same time, based on the indicators provided to know with each person, what job they will complete the best. From here, allocate them to the appropriate tasks.

You can increase the population of your world by pairing one or more couples and bringing them into the Living Quarter. After a while, the woman will become pregnant and create a new member for your Vault. Note that you should choose those with high Charisma, and should not increase the population too fast to spend time creating enough resources to feed even newborn babies.

Upgrade your production rooms by creating more resources. At an early stage, try to produce as much electricity, water and food as the more rooms are created, these resources will consume a lot. The bigger the room, the more electricity it consumes, the more people use it and it consumes water and food.

Share happy moments with your friends, by touching the camera icon in the lower left corner of the screen.

Your vault needs to be provided with enough electricity, water and food. If they are depleted, the crystal bar at the top of the interface will turn red. If there is too little electricity, the room will be closed; With little food, your people will not be able to work and without water they risk dying of thirst.

Each time you complete the mission, you will receive certain bottles of coke (CAPS). The more bottles there are, the greater the chance to unlock other rooms and upgrade their residents.