FaceApp is a mobile application that creates facial expressions, transforms it into a smiley face, younger or older, changing gender. The application was developed by the Russian company Wireless Lab and it uses artificial intelligence to create those transformations and it is completely free.

Features of FaceApp

The easy-to-use application creates face expressions through easy-to-use tools like sliders and image filters. Photo editing application makes it easier, you can edit photos anywhere even when you are traveling, exploring, working or on the road and share with people about your pictures.

The app now has over 80 million active users, it's free and a free app can be downloaded to your device from AppStore or Google Play. The free version has about 21 free and interesting filters in the basic version, the Pro version includes 28 filters that can completely change your style with just one touch. Also, explore the free 3-day trial period to take advantage of all bonus features before purchasing the Pro Version.

You can edit for specific purposes or simply to have fun with sex swapping, hair styling, and other great free transformations.

Cloud-based image editor, which backs up both your original and edited photos to access them on other devices, organized with automatically applied searchable keywords that no trouble tagging.

The application is fast and easy to use, it is compatible with most devices including Android and iOS and is free, so it has been used by a lot of users. Downloading free apps saves you a lot of money and time.

The application provides a perfect selfie with Hollywood filter; Change hair color and style; Change of facial skin color. If your face is not smiling you can also adjust to a beautiful smile. Replace background with other more beautiful wallpapers. Try color filters, lens blur, and more.

This application will bring you a lot of interesting and new, bring a lot of fun and entertain you after a time of study and work stress.

To use this application, you must allow FaceApp to access your photos, Siri and Search (Search)...

However, using this app can have a number of consequences for your device, for example, your photos can be used to identify you and unlock things like smartphones and many other things. Photos of people will be used to create fake social networking profiles, look very real, very similar or make a copy of your own social networking profile, then target your friends, your family with countless tricks, attacks,...

These applications are inevitable shortcomings and manufacturers are always trying to improve it further. If you have any questions or feedback about this app, please contact the manufacturer directly.