Download EZLMS apk is an adjustable learning management system that allows you to build, import, assemble, distribute, and support managers to easily monitor, adjust and evaluate the training process effectively.

There are many EZLMS systems in the world today from many suppliers, but at the core, these EZLMS systems are aimed at addressing the interactive needs of the main subjects in the online learning system, They are online learning content providers, online learning content users and online learning administrators and moderators.

EZLMS learning management system is undoubtedly the best solution. It is easy to implement, deploy and manage. EZLMS gives you the freedom to customize your site, reflecting your pedagogy, business environment or personality. Harness the power of the web to distribute text, images and media. Discover online collaboration with EZLMS user groups, forums and real-time chat tools. Add, delete and update content with a few clicks. It is really that easy.


- Ease of use: At EZLMS, our main focus is Ease of Use. Our role-based user interface puts each of our powerful features within easy reach.

- All in one: EZ LMS provides everything you need to create, distribute and track training in one easy to use the system. There are no additional utilities or surcharges.

- Flexibility: Develop blended training content by combining online lessons, live training events, and webinars, YouTube videos, quizzes, tests, surveys, documents and more.

- Cloud-based: All your training content and data are available anywhere, anytime, in the cloud.

- Affordable: A complete EZ LMS account with all on-site features and functions starting at just $ 199.00 per month.

- Expandable: With EZ LMS, you can distribute content to an organization or hundreds with completely separate, branded training portals for each organization.

- Available to own: EZ LMS is one of the few LMS platforms that can be completely purchased, allowing you to own your own LMS!

- White label: Brand your EZ LMS account with your own custom logo, color scheme, fonts, styles and sizes.

- Compatible: EZLMS works identically on all platforms and has a responsive mobile interface for mobile devices like iPad or iPhone.

- E-commerce: EZLMS connects directly to your own PayPal or Authorize.net collection account.

- No hidden costs: With EZLMS, there are no setup or implementation fees, no additional support costs, no YouTube add-ons and no surprises.

- No commitment: You can sign up for an EZLMS account that's stored in minutes. There is no contract, and you can cancel at any time.

The role of the EZLMS learning management system

- All activities of employees are monitored and managed easily

- Meet the needs "Study anywhere, anytime you like"

- Personnel training saves costs and time of personnel training

- Narrow geographical reach by EZLMS learning management system

- Quick update - Flexible adjustment

- The online learning environment can still increase interaction between students