Extreme Car Driving Simulator is an authentic car driving simulation game in 3D, with special emphasis on the technical Drift racing.

Extreme Car Driving Simulator is one of the best driving simulator games thanks to its physical mechanics and sound effects and realistic images. Moreover, this game also gives players the feeling of driving a car, drifting, zigzag screen, passing bends and admiring supercar with a series of cult brands.

In Extreme Car Driving Simulator, you can try out the world's most adventurous super sports cars - the names associated with the Grand Theft Auto - GTA. You will exhibit drifting techniques on a variety of terrains and traffic conditions, speeding or hovering, picking up on hot roads spread out!

Your mission in the Extreme Car Driving Simulator game is to control a truck driver on the road and try to overcome many different obstacles. You can increase the speed of comfort without fear of being "caught" by the police or have any opponents defeat because the game does not have any pressure on the player at all. To unlock the new supercar, gamers need to try to drive far away. The longer the distance, the greater the chance of conquering the more luxurious cars.

To play Extreme Car Driving Simulator on PC, you can control the car with the keyboard with up and down and left and right arrow keys. In which up arrow key corresponds to accelerating and accelerating, down arrow to brake and left / right keys to change lanes.

Road racing in the game is the whole city. You hardly have to use the brakes because of traffic or race with your opponent. The speed is also not limited because there is no police chasing behind. All you need to do is speed up and drift at the appropriate times to score!


- Start playing the game with a reward of 1,000 coins.

- 3 game modes: Free Mode, Checkpoint Mode and Traffic Mode.

- True HUD support including engine revs, gear, and speed

- Turn on / off APS, TC and ESP.

- Discover a vast game world.

- The scratches when the car collides with obstacles are simulated like the real thing.

- Control the vehicle by tilting the device, the function buttons on the keyboard or the Accelerometer sensor.

- Support multiple camera modes

- Realistic drift racing simulation game on the 3-dimensional graphic background.

- A lot of important customization such as changing the car paint color, tire color, decals ...

- The game simulates every aspect of a racing car like the engine, tires, brakes, etc.

- Feel the lifelike sound of each car.

- Benchmarking system: the player will score points when drifting at high speed, at difficult angles or touching walls when performing this technique.

- Optimized for Intel x86 devices.

Extreme Car Driving Simulator is an opportunity for you to improve your racing and driving skills. With the perfect performance, you will earn virtual money to buy things,

build cars or upgrade as you like.