Evolution 2: Battle for Utopia

Evolution 2: Battle for Utopia is a third-person shooter game with role-playing elements added to make it stand out. - A burning hell ruled by monstrous giants, robotic assassins and gangs.

Evolution 2's new return gives players a vast world, with sharp 3D graphics detailed to each character, different from the previous version Evolution 2: Battle for Utopia is a great blend of battle. strategy, RPG, action and third-person shooter. Giving players new experience powerful weapons system diverse features.

Still applying the old gameplay, players can upgrade their teammate character, participate in PvE campaigns, enjoy many missions and fight epic bosses in various battles. The ranking mode is available so players can earn top spots in the ranking and receive unique bonuses for winning. Along with many new features from NPH.

Features of Evolution 2: Battle for Utopia

- Science fiction context - The apocalyptic biopunk action game space is set on a distant planet.

- The unique balance of genres - Evolution 2: Battle for Utopia for iPhone combines tactics, RPG and action shooting with combat systems like the previous game.

- Strategy game - Upgrade your character and accompanying characters, choose the most effective combat weapon and take advantage of the enemy's weaknesses to your advantage.

- Fierce PvE Campaign - Countless missions and epic bosses. The enemy gets stronger after every fight.

- Co-op mode - Call for the help of reliable allies and side by side complete missions with other players.

- Online battle - Fight in the online multiplayer battlefield. Climb the rank and earn many unique rewards after winning.

- Advanced arsenal - Massive range of weapons with unique features and upgrade systems. You will fight not only with old quality guns but also with energy cannons and bionic guns.

- Facility development - Open new rooms and learn about the technology of the future. Unlimited evolution.

- Highly interactive arenas and realistic 3D graphics will immerse you completely in the gaming world.

- Your base is ready - you can start the battle now. Captain! It's time to deal with this Utopia.