Evocreo is a collectible game that fights with monsters like a Pokémon game. In the game you will join the journey to save the father was kidnapped by an organization called Shadow Hive. They are having scary plans to change the genetics of Creo - creatures, monsters similar to Pokemon. The confrontation of the Creo, whereby the secret of the evil organization is revealed and the protagonist will save his father. You travel the world searching for clues about your father's whereabouts while also trying to live up to your heritage.

Features of Evocreo

You will recruit wild animals to improve your battle squad. The Creo system in the game is also extremely diverse and rich, with up to 130 different species with full attributes such as fire, water, earth, wind .... The way of evolution of Creos depends on training. Practice of the player rather than follow a certain path, this is the most attractive point in this game.

You will wander in this wilderness, fight the Creos and collect the Creos by: Find Creos in the tall grass and wander the world. You have the option to disable wild encounters.

A loyal Creo will level up twice as fast. A disloyal Creo will level up a bit slower. The ability to stay beyond the combat effects, from repelling and attracting certain types of Creos to superior benefits such as flying, riding, gliding, etc.

After the first few levels, it will take the same amount of time to level up regardless of which level you are at.

The main condition is a negative state effect on Creo. Some conditions stack in time while others are in intensity.

Boon is a positive effect on Creo. Some boon husband in time while others are in intensity. For example, strength benefits can increase intensity. Using that movement twice in a row would apply a new esper, more effectively than strength. Move in ranks - Each Creo has 1 Elite, 3 normal and 1 HP regen. Each move has a number of turns that need to be recharged before it can be used for another time. Elite moves have the longest reload time, but are the strongest moves in the game. Normal moves have the lowest recharge level, but are also the weakest moves. The healing movements have a recharge between both normal and quintessence. Previously learned moves can be retried at any time outside the battle

The feature is in combat effects that affect everything from damage to defense if certain criteria are met.

This game gives players more control over customizing Creos. Creos do not receive bonuses as they grow, instead, their distribution of stats will change the allocation of stats as Creo levels up. For example, if Creo A specializes in speed, then most of the stat points will be allocated to speed when it level up. As Creo A evolves into Creo B, the attacker, distributor of stats changes. Now when Creo B levels up, most of the stat points will be allocated to attack. Deciding when to develop Creo A into Creo B will determine whether Creo B is a fast or powerful Creo. This along with additional customization is provided by the swaps and the swapping features / capabilities allow users to completely customize their Creo.

How to play Evocreo game

Slide the screen for your character to move and collect the Creo as well as touch the objects to fight the opponent.