If you regularly surf Facebook every day, you must have been invited to play EverWing. This is an unlimited fun action shooter, integrated with Messenger to let players relax while chatting with friends. The game has cute graphics, the same gameplay as the legendary Invaders chicken shooting and high community interactivity, which has brought hours of exciting play on mobile.

Players will play a winged angel flying in the air to shoot all the other animals that are constantly attacking towards you, the player moves his character from left to right and from right to left to spend. Kill as many enemies as possible. The angelic shape you are playing in the EverWing game so cute will surely appeal to any gamer.

Go to higher levels, you can update your wings to fight stronger opponents. Each level of challenge play will gradually improve, so gamers are always psychologically ready to shoot opponents quickly. If the bosses are too strong we can ally with other players to destroy them together.


- Play directly on Facebook Messenger and the account will save itself to play next time.

- Upgrade aircraft to confront stronger opponents.

- Combine with teammates to destroy the boss

- Invite friends to join to receive rewards.

- Update your leaderboards with friends.

How to play EverWing GAME

How to play EverWing Dragons is quite simple, you just need to hover the character to move left and right, hit the target or dodge them and collect powerful auxiliary.

Game EverWing possesses a rich add-on system that you need to learn briefly to know which priority to collect and skip. For example, red flowers increase 50% damage, purple flowers have the ability to destroy all enemies on impact, 4-leaf cloves increase 5 damage and are effective until the end of the table.

The diamonds help you make money in the game. Purple diamonds add 10 gold coins, 20 red diamonds, 40 green diamonds, mushrooms increase 1 ammo, magnets attract all surrounding items, lightning support boss ...

EverWing provides you with a diverse character system with different strengths - weaknesses and abilities. Every time you level up, you will have the opportunity to unlock new characters. The strongest character is Lily, unlocked at level 6 - this is the warrior that helps double the gold gained after each battle. Virtual money in the game helps you unlock more characters and buy support dragons. In addition to the target of terrible monsters and bosses, you must also pay attention to armored monsters floating in the air. Destroy them to earn diamonds and gold cups.

To play EverWing Dragons on social networks, you can use the Facebook Gameroom tool that allows you to play many different game genres, and download it for free, especially Facebook Gameroom is an easy way to increase revenue. No need for a new game development tool.

The key to EverWing's success is the intimacy and familiarity that anyone can join to fight right away without losing practice time. Download the game EverWing to start becoming one of the cute angels.