Eternium is an amazingly beautiful and exciting action RPG, reminiscent of great classics. Eternium stands out from other mobile action RPGs by touching its effort to move and swipe to control mode, and is user-friendly, never pays, never pays Pay to win philosophy. Purchasing is completely optional. Gems, the main currency of the game, can be collected from enemies and quests. There is no endurance or energy limit. The best things in the game get by playing, not paying.

Enjoy the visceral satisfaction of fast-paced, fast-paced combat, with spectacular special effects, pleasing sounds, rewarding amount of damage, all set against the sunken backdrop. and atmosphere, inspirational music.

Venture into caves and dungeons, explore forests, villages, and graveyards, besiege demon-controlled castles, brave snowy mountain peaks, travel to the moon to kill strange creatures amidst craters and canyons, and beyond, to deserts, pyramids, and forests of the red planet.

Open a treasure chest to steal gold, gems and battle equipment. Equipped with a shiny bra, menacing helmet, and hood, pointed shoulder pads, cloak or mysterious cloak. Defend yourself with a shield or choose to use two weapons as a warrior.

Rescue tanks, healers and your teammates who will join you in battle. Use their abilities with you to create rewarding and powerful tactical combos.

Each hero class has access to about 20 abilities (skills or spells) and each of your three companions has an additional four. The game starts simple but culminates in a range of high-level tactical abilities. When your hero reaches level 70, your experience points will enter the championship level, Unlimited and bring stable stat upgrades. Eternium was created with passion by a small group of old school RPG fans who love to make the games they always wanted to play.

Featured of Eternium

- Fight spectacularly in real-time battles against skeletons, robots, monsters, demons, aliens, dragons and many other minions.

- Unlock and upgrade your armor, weapons, and minion teammates as you travel from magical villages to remote peaks, dungeons to strange worlds.

- Merge your treasures, level up your characters, progress through the story and use breathtaking mantras created from simple gestures to defeat monsters and develop strength.

- Find weapons and loot, learn mind-bending spells, and recruit companions to help you in the battle to save the world from impending doom

How to play Eternium game

Touch controls are more natural and relaxing than thumbs, and it's also geared towards the classic accent Action RPG.