Epic Battle Simulator 2

Epic Battle Simulator 2 apk is the second part of the epic Battle Simulator Simulator - a very attractive mobile strategy game. Not bring sophisticated tactics, Epic Battle Simulator for Android is much more intuitive and easy to understand when throwing players into chaotic battles.

Plan wisely and choose the type of army, arrange them in the appropriate position on the battlefield and defeat all opponents. With an unknown number of levels to test your skills as a leader, Epic Battle Simulator 2 is simple and easy to play. Control (Touch and Drag) similar to any Maps application on your smartphone (e.g. Google Maps), Epic Battle Simulator 2 for android makes it easy to locate and reposition soldiers On the battlefield, this doesn't make the game easier.

As you progress through the game, you'll be asked to think more about strategies before each battle. To win, players must consider which army should be placed in what position, weapons should be placed to maximize efficiency, and support each other in the best way. This can be considered as the key to success and defeat all opponents no matter what level.

Features of Epic Battle Simulator 2 game

- Physical effects and ragdoll effects increase the authenticity of the game
- Enhance the position and power of the army
- Your army can be upgraded to 3 levels with incredible improvements
- Enhancing the ranking system for many people to better combine and win the position on the leaderboard
- Graphics are more beautiful, improved to make the battle more fierce and more wonderful
- Smarter soldiers help combat the most accurate battle.
- Great sound and background music

Compared to part 1, this part 2 has an additional mode of play is real-time combat with many other gamers. The remaining two modes are level and custom are the same as the previous version.

You can completely improve your army, see random movement effects and play in crowded mode - a mode created with advanced matching algorithms.
With improved graphics and enhanced artificial intelligence, players have the opportunity to experience unique simulation battles, show mastery and become the dominant marshal of Epic Battle Simulator 2. Also here is where you can fight the best players in the world and knock them out of the overall rankings.

Epic Battle Simulator 2 for android - a great sequel that will delight fans of the first installment and for all fans of strategy games. Download Epic Battle Simulator 2 and experience it for yourself.