Emoji Photo Editor apk

Emoji Photo Editor is an application that helps to edit your photos. Currently people use social media a lot to post their beautiful pictures on it and share them with everyone, thus requiring photos to look good so you look cuter along with lots of icons. emoticons, heart crown effects, flower crowns, dog face cameras, cat stickers ... This app is a great choice for you.

Features of Emoji Photo Editor

Emoji Photo Editor for android helps you edit your photos to look better, you can add emoticons to take or after you finish taking photos. Take photos or choose from gallery, then choose your favorite emoticon wallpaper, put them on your photo, change the icons until you like, add interesting text, save photo share and share it on social media. You can make your shape smaller, stretch the face, give the blush, fake eyelashes, increase the brightness, ... After editing is complete you can save or not.

Easy to use application with simple interface, so everyone can use.

Icons varied and in large numbers: emotional background, flower crown sticker, heart crown sticker.

Easily add text and change fonts, styles to text, this makes your images more emotional thanks to unique sentences.

Awesome fx photo filters and save your photos in Full HD quality.

Share your photographer with friends through social networks, so you can easily connect with people and share beautiful photos.

This application is free to use so everyone can use it and now the application has been used by a lot of users.

How to use Emoji Photo Editor for android

After downloading the application and completing the installation, you will open the image from your gallery, select your favorite image, select the emoticon background, delete the emoticon background until it is available. Perfect photos, drag to your photos, resize and play with multitouch, tap next to preview mode, share photos to friends or save to device. What else is there, download Emoji Photo Editor right now and experience the unique creativity.