Egg, Inc.

Egg Inc is a farm game that gives players the unique feel and style of play thanks to elements from the simulation game. The game uses colorful 3D graphics, vivid images. In Egg, Inc. Players will develop an egg-laying chicken farm by many challenges, but simple but not easy to conquer.

This game will turn you into a farmer doing jobs such as hatching eggs, building chicken cages, hiring drivers and researching to develop the most modern chicken egg farm in the world.

Egg, Inc. is a product of Auxbrain - the father of the attractive zombie racing series Zombie Highway. However, this time you will have for yourself the experience of a lighter, more fun game. This is a fairly simple Clicker game, bringing many simulation elements into the gameplay but is modified to create a new feeling for gamers. Besides, you also have to calculate the economic factors to develop the farm in the right direction - namely, choose smart investments to balance resources, ensure stable egg operation and high efficiency.

For more experienced players (clickers) will love the emerging and depth gameplay for the different styles of play needed throughout the game. To achieve the ultimate goal of having an astronomical ginormous egg farm, you will need to balance the strategies in many advantages to make the best use of your time.

Features OF Egg, Inc.

The game gives players many emotions as well as different levels for players to reveal their abilities. Here are some outstanding features that the game brings to players:

- The game brings simple and familiar gameplay but also creates many challenges for players to conquer as well as think.

- Take care of the hens very carefully so they lay lots of eggs for you.

- The game offers a variety of research items.

- There are many different missions that exist in this game and the missions will appear from easy to hard to conquer.

- Choose for yourself a variety of chicken coop and means of transport.

- Nested Prestige system makes the game always new.

- The game uses many elements of the simulation game to bring a unique and unique playing style and feel. Instead of menus, players will see colorful 3D graphics and live chicken simulations.

- Game Egg Inc supports saving player achievements and rankings for players to compete with friends and other players around the world.

How to play Egg, Inc. game

The game gives people the experience of continuous "clicks" to turn themselves into a true farmer. Here, players will not be too difficult in controlling the game. Give yourself the moments of rest to enjoy in a very beautiful 3D world.