Edmodo is a tool to make learning more effective. This application helps teachers easily manage the classroom, reach out to each student, interact with parents, share material downloads quickly and easily.

Features of Edmodo

The Edmodo app makes learning accessible anywhere, saving members time, compared to direct learning. Learners do not have to spend time traveling, for example, they live in other cities, they can also learn all the lectures in the application, not affected too much by the weather and you can easily arrange the time. reasonable learning time.

The app helps teachers send messages to students individually or in groups, remind them to study, do their homework and guide them on the lesson, notify the exam schedule, or answer all the questions. inquiries from everyone.

The application helps students have access to lectures, interact with teachers and other students more easily. If you do not understand the lecture, you can easily ask the teacher directly or through the inbox or ask your friends without affecting the quality of the lesson. Thanks to that you understand the lesson and master the knowledge more. You can easily review lectures many times, to review or supplement the missing knowledge.

Help you improve your self-confidence, find your voice and experience the meaning of a digital citizen, participate in online classes and freely exchange your opinions.
Easily get notifications about classroom updates, sync with teachers and support for home learning, view class activities and classes to help students follow. Schedule, exams or lectures are streamlined and sent to students very specific and fast, whenever they can follow.

It's easy to track and discover resources from teachers around the globe, all your classes and assignments are organized in one place. Through the appreciation of everyone, you can easily choose teachers as well as lessons for yourself.

The app is completely free, compatible with most Android and iOS devices, and can sync between devices for easy use.

It does not consume much space and is very safe for your device. To use this application, you should download and install the apk file on our website to get the correct application and not waste time searching.

The application requires access to your device when installing and using it and is completely secure, so you do not worry about your data and information being stolen or disclosed to third parties.

All this information has provided you with what is edmodo and hopefully, it will be a companion on your learning path.

This is a very useful application but cannot avoid any shortcomings, if you have questions or suggestions please contact the manufacturer, they will improve the application to be more suitable for users. and for further application development.